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Steinbach Ultimate League

How To Sign Up

*** Deadline to sign up is May 27, 2019 ***

For Captains

1. Sign up and create a team here
2. Ensure the email your team mates give you is the same they register with.
3. Try not to use internet explorer or non-updated browsers
4. Your online payments need to match the profile address
5. Once you send out the invite when you create your team, inform your team to check their junk folder to be sure it doesn't end up there.
6. Team fee is $450 GST included the price on the site shows $428.57 before tax

For Players

1. Sign up and create an account here
2. Update your profile here
3. Purchase the MODS Rural Membership here. This will cover your insurance for the year through Sport Manitoba!
4. Once you've purchased your membership, let your captain know and give them the email that you signed up with so they can add you to the team!

*** Dont worry! If you want to play, but do not have a team to join, you can email us at [email protected] or call us at (204) 381-0201 and we'll find a spot for you! ***


Steinbach Bible College
Steinbach, Manitoba


[email protected]
(204) 381-0201